Lin Alluna
Producer: Zire Schucany
Cinematographer: Eddie Klint
Editor: Mark Bukdahl
Sound designer: Rune Kristensen
Composers: Johan Carøe & Rasmus Møldrup

Director, writer, c
inematographer & wditor: Lin Alluna
Sound designer: Toke Gelardi
Composers: Peter Jørgensen & Mikkel Hedegaard

Gardens of Dust is a virtuoso film, that accompanies the waves of love, loss and longing in a world of political despair. The sublime images of landscape around a bedouin village, is contrasted by the sounds of a post-industrial parallel society. The confided voice of a lover, whispers a letter to earth and the viewer, as we lose ourselves in the intimate recordings of a young, Syrian couple in Amman and a boy in the dessert.The film is instinctive and confident as a diary -A highly topical and contemporary panorama of an essay film, with strong references to the Persian poet, Farroukhzad.

Director: Lin Alluna
Cinematographer: Agapi Triantafillidis
Producer: Mathias Bruunshøj Jakobsen
Producer assistant: Asser Bo Paludan
Editor: Jenna Mangulad
Sound Engineer: Toke Rønsholdt

Still in production. The film is estimated to be done by fall 2017.

Trailer coming soon!

Trailer coming soon!

Director: Lin Alluna
Producer: Anna Malmkjær Willumsen
Cinematographer: Troels Rasmus Jensen
Editor: Jenna Mangulad
Sound designer: Catrine le Dous
Trailer: Mads Olsen

Shammi, age 21, has spend her life actively fighting the discrimination in Bangladesh. 

500.000 indigenous, divided in 11 tribes, live in the area of Chittagong Hill Tracts. They are the victims of an ethnic cleansing. The Bengali settlers violate several human rights every day, as they attempt to take over the land of the natives. 

Even though Shammi belongs to the Bengali people, she has decided to meet the indigenous women of Chittagong, to find out what is going on. We follow her in a fraction of her life, where she’s meeting with the indigenous for the first time, and planning a revolution to support the human rights in Bangladesh.