As a filmmaker, I aim to make my audience feel, and respond to what they see.

I express myself through intimate character-driven, creative documentaries, filmed all over the world. My films echo of suppressed or unknown emotions of love, fear and contradictions in humans, as these are some of the matters that direct and shape my own life.

Visually, my films vary between raw dynamics and a tribute for the hour of day, where indirect sunlight takes on an intense, blue hue.

2017: Mentor at a documentary for FILMVÆRKSTEDET
2014-2017: Director and consultant at various film projects

2017: Lecturer and tutor at FILMVÆRKSTEDET storytelling workshop
2017: Lecturer and tutor at PSYK INFO filmmaking workshop
2015-2017: Lecturer and initiator at OUTSIDEREN weekly video-workshop
2016-2017: Teacher at various film workshops for STATION NEXT
2014-2017: Director at various commercials and music videos

2013-2017: The National Film School of Denmark, Documentary director
2013: Directing and documentary by Ulrich Seidl
2012: Mindfulness with Bhante Dhammagawesi, Sri Lanka
2011: Crowdfunding, merchandise & distribution by Thomas Mai
2011: Directing by Jens Arentzen

2007: Script workshop by Kim Blidorf
2006-2009: Station NextTalent-development for upcoming filmmakers

2017: Defenders of the Snow, Nordic Talents, Denmark
2017: Gardens of Dust, TIFF, Albania
2017: Gardens of Dust Corrida, France
2017: Whispering Revolution, Dramathon, England
2016: Whispering Revolution, Equality Festival, Ukraine
2016: Gardens of Dust, Roma Cinema DOC, Italy
2016: Gardens of Dust, Wollongong Film Festival, Australia
2014:  Whispering Revolution, DANIDA, Denmark
2010: Remis, NFFTY, USA
2010: Remis, Four River Film Festival, Croatia
2009: Remis, Euro Film Forum Scandinavia, Norway
2008: Traditions, Intercultural VideoMarathon, Denmark
2008: Remis, OREGON, Denmark